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The Role of Mentor International

MENTOR INTERNATIONAL provides education counselling for students, including advice and support for applications to all levels of overseas education in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. A particular focus is on postgraduate studies (Master's and PhD level) and English language courses, as well as boarding school placement.

Mentor International seeks to satisfy the educational requirements of all its students and families, and the recruitment needs of its institutional partners to the fullest extent by:

  • Maintaining close professional links with a variety of academic and training institutions that offer appropriate programs, systems and an international perspective.
  • Offering professional, accurate, impartial and friendly advice to all our clients.
  • continuing commitment to develop and extend the knowledge of the company and staff.

Mentor International organizes educational seminars and exhibitions for visiting universities and schools.

Mentor International offers a range of educational consultancy services to Thai and regional universities and colleges through its affiliated international academic and professional institutions. We provide a link to the most advanced developments in higher education via affiliated university providers.

Every year, Mentor International holds several pre-departure briefings to provide information about life in the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand. Information on travel plans, accommodation and generally what to expect while studying abroad. Students have plenty of opportunities to ask questions about their upcoming experience and also have a chance to meet other students who are going to study overseas, as well as hearing from Mentor Alumni who have already studied overseas.

Mentor International are members of TIECA and many of their our staff have passed the British Council education training programme.

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