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ABC Diploma in Graphic Design, London College of Communications
>> ABC Diploma in Graphic Design, London College of Communications
Name : Chonnikarn Vivatanawongsa (Karn)
University : London College of Communication, University of the Arts London
Course : ABC Diploma in Graphic Design
Year : 2011
1.  What were the reasons that you choose to study ABC Diploma in Graphic Design at LCC?
At first, I didn’t know about this course until I contacted Mentor and got advice from my counsellor.
The reasons why I decided to take this course. Firstly, I want to change my career path from advertising to graphic design, so I was looking for a course that offers a more practical learning approach rather than theory or research methods. A further reason is that I realized that I’m not kind of very artistic person, I would like to work in a commercial industry, therefore, LCC is the answer for me as its teaching methods build students’ all round abilities to make them very competent in the industry.
2.  What was your inspiration to study Art & Design in the UK?
I particularly like the European atmosphere, its architecture, history and lifestyle. I wanted to experience and live in this environment and the UK became my first choice.
3.  How about your educational background, how long had you been interested in Graphic Design?
It’s quite long journey, from an interest to a career :) I found myself interested in graphic design ever since I was a secondary school student. While I was pursuing my bachelor degree in Communication Arts,majoring in Advertising at Chulalongkorn University, I became more interested in graphic design and this stemmed from my elective subjects, such as basic design principles and computer graphic design. After obtaining my degree, I worked for an advertising company for 3 years and decided to gain more knowledge in graphic design in order to change my career path.
4.  How was your student life in London?
My student life was  spent mostly in  going to school (I had class 3 days/week, excluding homework and extra workshop classes), hanging out with my friends, shopping, cleaning, cooking, visit the galleries/museums and traveling.  I felt you get your own life and new responsibilities when you’re there.
London is very vibrant city. There are many activities to serve your interests and be your inspiration. For example, there are many good art exhibitions, markets and museums (most museums are free admission).

Personally I like to walk, so I always find opportunity to explore London from its streets, markets and everywhere by walking around. Also I have met multi-national people who are my classmates and flat mates and we can all share different cultures.
London is like the other big cities. It’s busy and has a high living cost, especially the accommodation price.
5.  What was your impression upon  programme, the lecturers and friends?
I’m impressed by all of them. The teaching methods here teach me the way of creative thinking and developing design works. My course tutors are dedicated and nice. I have got many good comments to develop my works which finally will become part of my portfolio. My classmates come from various countries with different ages and backgrounds but we all have the same intention to be a graphic designer so it is a good time to meet  people who have the same interest as you.
6.  What was your masterpiece during your studying?
I think it is too much to say masterpiece but it is the project that I like most. The project is about producing new typeface by thinking outside the box concept. You can find some images of the outcome from this link
7.   Did you do any part time work in the UK?
8.  Please give your advice on how other students should prepare themselves for those who plan to be a designer in the future.
I’m still developing my knowledge and skills of design. Personally, I always record my ideas and inspirations to be my potential resources to produce and develop my later works.
9.  Please share at least 2 portfolio. (1 piece before you got offer from UAL, 1 piece after you got offer from UAL) Please also give explanation about the title of your portfolio and inspiration of your work.
The first one is of my work I produced to apply for this course, the title is “Mind Plan”. I got the inspiration when I looked back to myself during my busiest time when I was working in a company, preparing for IELTS, and my portfolio. Then I transfered everything into visual format by using my house floor plan as a key idea.
The work after I got my offer, I still prefer to say that it’s the same project as in question 6 because this project let me explore an aspect of design that I think is really essential and good to keep in designers’ mind, it’s outside the box thinking.
Updated :June 06, 2012
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