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MSc Agricultural Economics, School of Economics, University of Kent
>> MSc Agricultural Economics, School of Economics, University of Kent
Name : Untima Sangsubhan (Koi)
University : University of Kent
Course : MSc Agricultural Economics, School of Economics
Year : 2011

1. What was your academic background before starting at University of Kent?
My academic background is Development Economics at Chulalongkorn University.

2. Why did you choose University of Kent?
I chose the University of Kent because of its environment and because it had the Master's programme that interested me. The environment around here is very comfortable, shady, and also has a diverse community and many facilities such as convenience stores, a large library, sport centre, buses, a medical centre and counseling service, In addition, there are not as many Thai students as in other universities so this is an ideal opportunity to make many international friends.

3. Why did you choose your particular course?
Since I graduated in development economics, I wanted to study further in a more specialized field that relates to development. I wanted to differ from other people and felt that there are not so many people who choose this field. That is why I chose an agricultural economics course. As very few universities in UK offer agricultural economics, when I got the offer from the University of Kent, I did not hesitate in accepting it.

4. What was your first impression upon arrival?
The University of Kent is a very green university and very close to nature. Its environment and surroundings are very appropriate for studying. It is also convenient for travel between the university and the city centre or to neighboring cities. There are many shops and restaurants in the city and the university staff and local people are all very friendly.

5. Did you do any part time job?

6. What is your most memorable moment at University of Kent so far?
I have had several memorable moments at the University of Kent, but the most memorable was when I was studying the pre-sessional course. There was a Thai festival arranged by the University Thai Student Society. I was one of contestants who wore Thai traditional clothes and had to present aspects of Thai tradition to the audience. This festival is arranged around July and there are many foreigners that participate in this event.

7. What apart from lectures will you take away from the University of Kent?
There have been many activities that are new experiences for me. Mainly living here is all about learning to live on your own in a different place, understanding different cultures and different people. Next is about sociability towards friends from different cultures by joining in various activities with them. You also learn how to enjoy your life outside the university.

8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time and what hopefully is the next step?
I wish to use my knowledge to work well in my field and work happily in my workplace.

9. Would you recommend University of Kent to other students and if so why? What are the benefits of studying at University of Kent?
Yes, I would recommend University of Kent to others because I think that this university has a very special environment as well as great facilities for studying and teaching staff who encourage and support their students in their research. I think this is a very good university for students who love to live simply and happily and prefer not to live in a congested town. Finally, Kent is known as the ‘Garden of England’, so this is a really beautiful part of England with many interesting places for you to visit and relax from your studies!

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