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University Foundation Programme (UFP), Royal Holloway (University of London)
>> University Foundation Programme (UFP), Royal Holloway (University of London)
Name : Mr. Ativat Asvasirayothin
University : Royal Holloway (University of London)
Course : University Foundation Programme (UFP)
Year : 2010

1. What was your academic background before starting at Royal Holloway?
Before starting the foundation degree at Royal Holloway, I graduated with year 12 diploma from high school then I decided to pursue my higher education in the UK so I applied to the foundation course at Royal Holloway University of London.
2. Why did you choose Royal Holloway (University of London)?
Royal Holloway has been recognized for its reputation in outstanding academic and teaching, and also, I have many friends who had graduated from Royal Holloway and they recommended me to apply to Royal Holloway because the university has an excellence in teaching, and the staff are very helpful, also, the university environment is absolutely beautiful and it has the attractive environment for concentration on study.
3. Why did you choose your particular course?
I chose to apply to the University Foundation Programme because it introduced me to the UK education system which helped me prepare for pursuing the university degree level, also, the programme itself provides many subject choices that I can choose to suit with my undergraduate course so I didn’t have any problem about subjects that I took when I made the UCAS application.   
4. What was your first impression upon arrival?
The absolutely beautiful environment, especially the Founders Hall because its exterior architecture is very impressive and give students the feeling of historical place.
5. What is your most memorable moment at Royal Holloway so far?
The opportunity to meet new friends, especially in the foundation programme that most of the students in the course come from many countries from all continents, they were awesome because they made the course very cosmopolitan.
6. What outside of lectures will you take away from Royal Holloway?
Apart from good preparation I got from the course, the other things I have taken away after I finished the course are the useful advice I got from all lecturers who taught me and good memories with my international friends.  
7. Would you recommend Royal Holloway to other students and if so why?                                           What are the benefits of studying at Royal Holloway?
There is no doubt why I have already recommended many of my Thai friends who determined to start higher education in the UK to apply for Royal Holloway University of London, because the university campus is absolutely beautiful, the attractive environment there will help you concentrate on study and it only takes 30 minutes from the campus to Central London so there is no worry that students might feel far away from the capital, and most importantly, the teaching and staff are also excellent, and because Royal Holloway is one of the constituent colleges of the University of London, so, when you graduate, your degree will come with the title “University of London”. 
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