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Why did Napat choose to study Human Resource Development & Consulting at Lancaster University, UK?
>> Why did Napat choose to study Human Resource Development & Consulting at Lancaster University, UK?
Name : Ms Napat Makduangkaew
University : University of Lancaster
Course : MSc Human Resources and Consulting
Year : 2011
1. What was your academic background prior to studying at Lancaster University?
I received my bachelor from Chulalongkorn University in Accounting Information System (AIS). As part of this, I spent a semester at University of Hawaii at Manoa in the US as an exchange student.

2. Why did you choose Lancaster University?
Lancaster University has a very high academic ranking. Comparing to other offers I received from UK and US universities, Lancaster University offers me a great opportunity to pursue my academic advancement, fulfill career progression and provide me strong international network. While studying, I can also enjoy the beautiful countryside.
3. Why did you choose your particular course?
I chose my masters in Human Resource Development & Consulting. This programme has an excellent reputation in my field. I also have a chance to apply what I learned by working with a UK based company, as part of my Masters degree.

4. What was your first impression upon arrival?
Very beautiful scenery of the countryside and modern style of facilities at Lancaster University

5. Did you have a part time job while studying?
Yes I did. I tutored mathematics for British students.

6. What was your most memorable moment at Lancaster University to date?
The most memorable moment I had at Lancaster University is when I had a final client meeting. After my team and I worked together for our consulting project, we presented our recommendation to our client and professors. They appreciated our work and provided very valuable feedback. I was so happy that my client wanted me to continue working with them for my dissertation.

7. What, apart from your studies, will you take with you from your experience at Lancaster University?
  • With my tight schedule, I learnt to manage my time better.
  • I learnt to respect diversity from having a wide circle of many international friends.

8. How do you expect your career to develop over the next 5 years?
After graduation, I got five job offers. Now, I have my own coaching & consulting business in UK. My clients are all around the world including in Asia, Europe and US.

  • Business Coaching (Goals Setting, Time Management & Personal Achievements)
  • Career Coaching (CV Writing, Interview Preparation & Salary Negotiation)
  • Presentation Coaching (High Impact Presentation)
  • Marketing Coaching ( Market to Increase Revenue & Productivity)
  • Communication Coaching (Human Relations & Effective Communication)
  • Other life coaching areas (Relationship, Finance, Health and etc)
Human Resource Development and Consulting:
  • Strategic Planning & Implementation in Human Resources
  • Recruitment, Training, Learning & Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Knowledge Management & Organisational Learning
In the next five years, I see myself as a successful coach and consultant. Many multinational companies' clients will hire me to work with them in different countries. My books in coaching & consulting will be published. Many well-known universities and companies will invite me to be their guest speaker.

Hopefully in the next step of my education, I will receive a scholarship to study my PhD in coaching from a top University (Lancaster University!)

9. Would you recommend Lancaster University to other students and if so why?
I would recommend Lancaster to anybody who is interested to pursue their choice of studies abroad. Lancaster University has strong academic support, solid network with potential employers, modern facilities and excellent international community. (You can find more detail about my personal experience at Alumni page on Lancaster University website.)

10. What were the benefits of studying at Lancaster University?

I got a very good academic support from my professors and supervisors. Besides lecturing, they guided me to find answers to my questions by myself.  They value my opinion and appreciate my works. My learning has been improving significantly at Lancaster University.

International Working Experience
The experience I gained from working with people in UK was invaluable. I learned to adapt myself with new working environment and got my job done more effectively.

I received valuable feedback about my CV and cover letter. All the useful information about careers and resources are available at Lancaster University. The career team at Lancaster University has strong network with potential employers and alumni. Thanks to them, I got many job offers after

With the strong international network I had during my study, I went to travel around Europe by myself. My international friends guided me to their home countries. It was fantastic experience!

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