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Life at University of Leicester
>> Life at University of Leicester
Name : Ms Tapani Pratumsuwan (Preme)
University : University of Leiceser
Course : BSc Medical Physiology
Year : 2012
1. What was your academic background before starting at Leicester University?
Before attending the University of Leicester, I did the International Baccalaureate Diploma at Ruamrudee International School, Thailand. My IB subjects were Biology HL, Chemistry HL, Geography HL, Math SL, Mandarin B SL, and English A1 SL.
2. Why did you choose Leicester University?
I chose the University of Leicester because the University is consistently ranked amongst the top 20 universities in the United Kingdom and is a very prominent research based university. The subject that I chose to study at the University is also highly ranked, being ranked amongst the top 5 universities of the United Kingdom. Other reasons why I chose to study at the University were the number of students attending the University, the campus size, and the location of the University.

3. Why did you choose your particular course?
I chose Medical Physiology because physiology was one of my favourite subjects during high school and I wanted to pursue a career as a physician in the near future. Not only am I studying this subject to indulge my curiosity of the human body, but I also believe that this degree will provide me with extensive knowledge of physiology and the various aspects of the medical sciences. I am in no doubt that having a degree in physiology will definitely be an advantage when I start medical school in the future.
4. How was your student life in Leicester? Please tell us about your friends.
My student life in Leicester is fairly ordinary, I think. Initially it was undoubtedly tortuous, trying to find the healthy balance between studying, life, and sleep. Yet, miraculously I somehow eventually managed to adapt to the new surrounding and found the right balance to a mentally and physically healthy life. To be honest, I haven’t been out late at night, drinking, partying, and pub crawling like what most freshers should do, but I am pretty much content with how my first year went. I am involved in several sports societies at the University and I frequently volunteered to keep myself busy. The majority of my friends are my course mates from the School of Biological Sciences, since we share literally almost every lecture together. However, I also do have some friends from other courses as well, whom I have met during the International Students Welcome Programme before starting University.
5. How Mentor International helped you?
Mentor International helped me with everything! From emailing enquires to universities, sending off applications, finding me a place in university when I failed to reach my predicted score, to assisting me with the UK student visa. You name it! I am extremely grateful for all the support, guidance, and patience that Mentor International had provided me every step of the way.
6. What do you think of the learning facilities and the support you are receiving?
University of Leicester has one of the best learning facilities. The laboratories are in great condition. The library was recently renovated and all computers are now operating on the latest version of Windows. The support I am receiving is superb. Since the ratio between students and faculty is relatively small, I don’t feel like a nameless face in the crowd. My lecturers and personal tutor are very understanding and approachable. They are always willing to listen and answer any of my questions.
7. Do you attend any social club of Leicester?
I was in the volleyball and dodge ball teams at the University. However, the timing was quite inconvenient, so I decided to leave the teams after some time. I took part in a session of SCAMPS, a playgroup established for mentally disabled students to develop their motor and social skills. I also helped the Leicestershire Education Business Enterprise (LEBC), a nongovernmental organisation in Leicestershire, to carry out their Dragon’s Den-like activity called the Lion’s Liar. I assisted Year 6 students brainstorm ideas, produce prototypes of their products, and present their products to the judges. I am currently involved with the International Buddy Network, providing support and facilitating a smooth transition for new international students. I am also currently a mentor for new biological science students. My job is to act as a mentor, advising, supporting, and encouraging a smooth transition into university for the new incoming biological science students.

8. How do you relax when you are not studying?
During my free time, I enjoy jogging around Victoria Park, swimming laps at the University Sport Centre cooking, working out at the gym, reading novels, watching some TV series or movies, cooking, and just having a good time with some friends.
9. What is your most memorable moment at Leicester University so far?
Seeing snow for the very first time in my life was the cherry on top. But being splashed with muddy slush as I trudge down the squishy grimy sidewalk by a passing car totally killed my excitement.
10. If you were to describe Leicester to a friend, what would you say?                     
Leicester is undoubtedly an absolutely great place to live and to learn. Highly ranked, state-of-art facilities, an established university with celebrated history, distinguished professors, accomplished lecturers and researchers, dedicated staffs, groundbreaking researches, amazing campus, and a vibrant, multicultural city. What more can you ask for?
Updated :October 02, 2012
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