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The UK is the birthplace of the English Language. It is an internationally accepted place for those studying for bachelor's degrees and higher degrees. British universities are renowned for teaching politics and economics; along with all subjects that stem from English, for example, law. British professors are of a very high standard. Many academics from the UK have received the Nobel Prize. This attests to the fact that the standard of teaching is of high quality. The length of time it takes to get your degree is shorter than in most countries, for example, three years for a bachelor’s degree and one year for a master's degree. The UK has a mixed and ancient culture and many interesting places to visit.

Reasons to study in the UK

One of the biggest benefits is that qualifications from UK-based universities are recognized worldwide, as quality is routinely assessed by the Government. This allows you to begin with a solid foundation before starting a career.

Another reason is the opportunity to experience an international culture. People from all over the world come together to study in the UK and you will be exposed to a great many cultures as well as to British culture. Learning about the different cultures of other students can be a great boost to your knowledge, especially if you plan for a future in international business.

Instead of the traditional academic study full-time, one can actually choose to combine work placements or internships with academic study. Choosing this option provides students with real life work experience that will come in handy in both the course and in future employment.

Because British universities compete with each other, they all aspire to achieve a high ranking, and achieve this by ensuring high quality in their teaching, excellent infrastructure and up to date syllabus.

It's also great value for money to study in the UK. The duration of most Masters degrees is only one year long.

The UK also has many excellent Boarding Schools that provide first class academic teaching in small classes
and with the best facilities for sport, music, drama and many other areas. British Boarding Schools pride themselves on giving individual students the best opportunity to develop all-round talents. All students expect to qualify for entry to a top British university or similar institution abroad. Schools are often located in beautiful campus settings and the pastoral care of all students is a priority.

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