Bellerbys College Brighton



Type of school : Co-educational

Age range : 13 - 20

No. of students :

No. of boarders :

Our courses:

A Levels provide a passport to the very best UK universities. Brighton offers a wide range of A Level choices, so that as a GCSE student you can continue your pathway studies with us. Or, as a new student, you can also join us in Year 12 (aged 15.5+) to take your A Levels.

In addition to courses taught in traditional UK schools we also offer courses specially tailored for international students. These include our 1 Year GCSE programme, which enables students to gain qualifications in core subject areas before progressing to A Level. We provide the widest choice of Foundation Pathways for international students in the UK, offering nine different pathway options. Brighton is the specialist centre for the Management & Computer Systems Foundation programme, combining expert teaching with the latest technology in our well-equipped computer suite.

We also provide an intensive communication and English language course (ELPP), our IELTS Express course, and Summer Programmes that offer an excellent initial immersion into UK language and culture.

Study facilities:

The campus in Brighton is bright, modern and environmentally friendly, incorporating social and residential facilities as well as superb teaching space. There is an excellent Student Services department on hand to answer any questions and provide useful advice, allowing you to concentrate fully on your studies.

The benefits of studying with us in Brighton:

Brighton is a small yet lively city by the sea, and is home to a vibrant international community that welcomes students from all over the world. It is a thriving creative environment boasting a range of theatres, galleries and leisure facilities, as well as two highly popular UK universities.

Brighton is a perfect setting for a high school, offering students a wide range of social and educational activities outside of the college. On the beach, you can go paddle boarding, eat traditional fish and chips or enjoy the rides on the pier. The UK’s newest national park can also be accessed just north of the city.

In addition to all that Brighton itself has to offer our students, the train to London takes less than an hour. Here you can visit museums, art galleries and much more, including the UK’s political epicentre, the Houses of Parliament.


When you are away from home, it is important to feel safe, comfortable and happy. We take great care to provide a high standard of accommodation. You can choose either the supportive atmosphere of a host family (known as Homestay) or the flexibility of our student residences. Whichever you select, we will ensure you feel at home.


Between your studies at Bellerbys Brighton, you’ll never be short of something to do. Whether it’s in and around the city of Brighton and Hove or within the college itself, there are plenty of activities to get involved with. The college runs regular social activities throughout the year, including the hugely popular May Ball to celebrate the end of term.

We always encourage students to develop themselves constructively in whatever way they wish. If any student would like to suggest ideas for activities, clubs or exercises, we will do our best to support you in your efforts.