Study with Top New Zealand Boarding Schools | Saturday, 06th October 2018

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รายชื่อโรงเรียนที่เข้าร่วมงาน ได้แก่

St Andrew’s College

St Andrew’s College is a leading independent, co-educational day and boarding school with a rich and exciting curriculum, and a world leading learning environment. Our students are inspired and supported to reach their full potential and leave us as confident, well-rounded young adults, who are prepared for life in today’s changing world.

We have a large, picturesque campus in the heart of Christchurch, New Zealand, which encompasses four distinct learning centres – a Pre-school, Preparatory School, Middle School and Senior College, through which students can transition seamlessly from Pre-school age to Year 13. We are proud of our long, rich history, which dates back to 1917, when the College was founded on the Presbyterian faith. Today a compelling mix of the traditional, the contemporary and the visionary are incorporated at St Andrew’s. Whatever our students’ talents and interests; wherever their curiosity may take them, St Andrew’s College provides them with opportunities to excel and shine.

Type of the school: Co-Education
Age: 6 – 17
Founded: 1917
Location: Christchurch
Tuition Fee: $50,000

Christ’s College

Christ’s College is one of New Zealand’s oldest schools, and also one of its most progressive. We are an independent, Anglican school for boys from Year 9 to Year 13.

Christ’s College has a tradition of educating boys to be men of character and confidence, inspired to make positive and lasting contributions to their communities. In order to maintain this tradition, the educational experience we provide must be relevant and meaningful.

College realises it requires innovation and excellence in the following areas, selected to take College into the future:

Externally and internally, this is a new era for Christ’s College, as the school looks towards its future. A clear pathway of learning emerges, where innovation and excellence are wrapped in tradition.

Christ’s College’s heritage buildings are an inspiration in themselves. They create an environment for “Each boy at his best”. They set the expectation that our generation must continue to uphold.

However, in more detail, relevant to teenage boys wishing to study at Christ’s College our particular points of difference are:

  1. Highly resourced – 1 to 1 equipment for each student
  2. Top facilities in the country
  3. Highly qualified staff recruited from around the world
  4. Small class sizes
  5. Depth of subject options not dependent on student numbers
  6. High performance coaching staff throughout sports
  7. Layers of academic support available
  8. Pathways to top universities worldwide

Type of the school: Boy only
Age: 13 – 17
Founded: 1851
Location: Christchurch
Tuition Fee: $57,500

St Margaret’s College

St Margaret’s College is a multicultural community with 26 nationalities, spanning the globe and including girls from five to 18-years-old. St Margaret’s College values the cultural and global dimension students from around the world bring to the College. Our international students are fully integrated into the school community and encouraged to experience and participate in the rich sporting, cultural and social life of the school and the city. St Margaret’s College in the only girls school in New Zealand’s South Island where your daughter can choose either the NCEA or International Baccalaureate Diploma, leaving with qualifications to gain entrance to the best universities in New Zealand around the world.
Type of the school: Girl only
Age: 6 – 17
Founded: 1910
Location: Christchurch
Tuition Fee: $52,545

Rangi Ruru Girls’ School

WE KNOW GIRLS.By knowing our girls as well as we do at Rangi Ruru, we are able to effectively personalise their learning.

In fact, Personalised Learning is not a new idea at Rangi, it sits at the very centre of everything we do – we walk the talk.

Of course, we are all different, and diversity in our student community is what makes us the wonderful, colourful, fun and vibrant school we are. Girls come to Rangi with a range of abilities, interests and experiences so we put a huge amount of effort and focus on tailoring our learning programmes for each girl. This makes the difference as we support each girl to be the very best she can be – academically and as a human being.

Rangi Ruru is a private school in Christchurch (independent school), offering personalised, holistic education for girls starting at years 7-8 for the intermediate school, through to the high school years 9-13. We are a place where girls can be girls; where they learn, have fun, be themselves.

Type of the school: Girl only
Age: 11 – 17
Founded: 1889
Location: Christchurch
Tuition Fee: $48,500

Scots College

Scots College provides a personalised education in a safe and nurturing environment. Located in the capital city of New Zealand, Wellington a safe city as recognised by the World Health Organisation. Scots College is an IB World School with exceptional facilities. It has a tradition of academic, sporting and cultural excellence and students are provided with a wide range of subject choices and specialist teachers in all subject areas. Boarding is located on campus and boarding students are cared for through a range of pastoral-care systems and are provided with good living conditions and support for learning.

Scots College belongs to the Wellington Private Education Network that provides international students with a unique first class care and experience programme. This programme includes opportunities to experience New Zealand culture, study support and tertiary pathways.

Type of the school: Boy only
Student Age: 6 – 17
Founded: 1918
Location: Wellington
Tuition fee: $54,810