The UK’s higher education system is world famous. And it is famous for very good reasons. UK qualifications are respected throughout the world and the UK has a leading reputation for quality assured education. All universities and colleges in the UK are held to strict standards by the UK government so students know they are getting the best teaching, support and resources available. The support and assistance for International students has been developed over many decades to make your time in the UK as enjoyable as possible. Many of the UK universities are world famous, Oxford and Cambridge, the LSE, Imperial college being among the most famous places of learning in the world. In the Times Higher Education World Rankings 2017 the UK had 3 in the top ten and 7 in the world top 50. The UK is also a wonderful place to spend your student years. Vibrant, exciting cities, magnificent countryside and beaches and all of Europe within easy reach.


Universities in the United Kingdom that we work with.


Cardiff Metropolitan University

University of Southampton

University of Greenwish

Aberystwyth University