Statement of Purpose (SOP)

At Mentor International you can receive free expert individual guidance and support for your Statement of Purpose (SOP). 

The SOP is also referred to as a Personal Statement and is used by institutions to consider you for a programme as part of your application. It is an important part of the application and will be used by the institution to decide if you are suitable for the programme along with your qualifications and experience.

We provide 3 key services to ensure that you can produce the very best SOP for your university application:

SOP Workshop

To help you improve your chances of acceptance for your course and receiving a scholarship we are organising a series of  SOP and Scholarship Workshop with our expert advisor Mr Jugjit Singh Cheema.

He has previously worked in UK university for over 17 years and helped many students with their SOP and scholarship applications. This workshop will provide details of how to complete your SOP and improve chances for scholarship applications. At the workshop, you can also have an individual appointment with Jugjit and have your personal statement reviewed.

SOP guidance sheet

In addition to the SOP workshop our expert advisor has produced a detailed guidance sheet for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. You can download this guide free and use it to help you prepare your SOP. If you attend the SOP workshop and use this guide you will be able to improve your application and chances to receive an offer to study overseas

SOP Professional Proofreading service 

The SOP proofreading is a free service for students. Please note this service is not to change the content or re-write an SOP. The service is only for proofreading by professional english language company which will include spelling and grammar check using UK English, you will then need to make corrections. This is a great way for you to improve your SOP and also writing skills. 

The service is only for student who will be applying for a course(s) through Mentor International. If you want to use the service we recommend you first attend one of our SOP workshop and you will need to use our SOP guidance sheet to complete your first draft. Once you have this contact the Mentor office and you will be able to speak with one of our counsellor to help with SOP proofreading and your application.